Electrical Safety System

Relevant use of the Danisense Current Transducers within the Electrical Safety System industry

electrical safety system

With the ever increasing use of power electronic devices in modern industrial and commercial installations creating DC and high frequency residual current, traditional type A residual current devices have reached their limit. It is very important to have AC/DC residual current monitoring in today’s production facilities, as any fault current can be very dangerous and costly for staff and production equipment. Thanks to its expertise in zero-flux technology, Danisense provides a range of highly flexible and reliable Type B/B+ Residual Current Monitors (RCM) for measuring DC and AC residual currents up to 100kHz, with analogue 4-20mA and relay output. Smart RCM with PC software for data analysis providing additional monitoring features are also available.

For more information about the product offering from Danisense, please click on the following links:

  • RCM Type B/B+
  • Smart RCM Type B/B+ with PC software for data analysis

Danisense products used for Electrical Safety System ​

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