Test & Measurement

Relevant use of the Danisense Current Transducers within the Teast and Measurement industry

Test and measurement

Demanding applications like high-precision test & measurement (T&M) equipment require highly accurate and reliable current transducers to analyze the efficiency of different electronic and electrical systems, e.g. inverters fitted to hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs). Danisense provides a wide range of highly accurate and reliable current transducers ideally suited for these applications. The components all feature the company’s high stability closed loop fluxgate technology with a linearity as low as 1 ppm and an offset of 5 ppm.

For further information on current transducers specifically tailored for T&M application, including the DN1000ID product featuring a large aperture of 41.2mm allowing for quick changeovers even with big power connectors.

Danisense products used for Test & Measurement

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