Relevant use of the Danisense Current Transducers within the Medical industry

MR Scanner

Modern medical equipment often requires a very accurate control of the magnetic field. Integrated into the power supplies of the medical equipment generating these magnetic fields, the highly reliable and accurate current transducers from Danisense provide very precise power measurements to help control the magnetic fields.

In MRI scanners, current transducers from Danisense enable very precise images by very accurately measuring the repeatability (which influences the image quality) with very low hysteresis (< 7 ppm). A very high stability during the scan period is achieved by a very low drift in the time and high noise immunity (offset drift < 0,02 ppm/month). In proton therapy, current transducers from Danisense very accurately and securely control the power of the electromagnets used to guide the particle’s trajectory and the beam position in a particle accelerator. This guarantees long-term stability of the particle accelerators.

Danisense current transducers ideally suited for medical applications

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