Relevant use of the Danisense Current Transducers within the Accelerator industry

Particle accelerator

Power converters for particle accelerators are required to deliver extremely accurate currents to the accelerator magnets. An essential element in guaranteeing the required performance is the current transducer used for the measurement and control of the power converter current. A main requirement is stability and linearity in the order of 10ppm as well as noise performance of under 10ppm pk-pk for a 10kHz bandwidth for currents of 1000A. Zero-flux DC current transducers (DCCT) from Danisense have been selected by design teams from the CERN laboratory and are used in the design of QTRIM power supplies for the PS booster accelerator, which is part of a chain of accelerators that inject the beam into the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics.

Danisense products used in the Accelerator Industry

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