Rename products



Dear Valuable Customers and Partners,


Since our establishment in November 2012, Danisense’s philosophy has always been to provide you the best in everything we do.

In return, the market feedback has been so good. Our growth has constantly exceeded expectation. In the past several years, we’ve continuously released new products to broaden our offering.

Recently, to handle the product range extension in the simplest way, we’ve decided to implement changes to the product naming process. Therefore, products will have slightly different and shorter names.

Following are a few examples:

model DS200IDSA will be renamed as DS200ID,

model DS200UBSA-10V will be renamed as DS200UB-10V,

model DS2000IDLA will be renamed as DL2000ID etc.


For further details, please find attached the new product naming guidelines and the cross-reference table (old names – new names).


This new naming system will be effective on the 1st of January 2018, which means:

  • All datasheets on DANISENSE’s homepage will be updated to the new names
  • All products manufactured from this date will be labeled to the new names

Important notes:

  1. Please be reminded that this is only a product naming change. There is no change in the product functionalities nor specifications.
  1. We’ll continue to deliver products with old name until their stock are depleted.


We apologize for any short-term inconvenient to you and we greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.